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Chapin Labs
San Francisco, California

We’ve helped build cool stuff since 2015.

We occasionally issue a Request for Pitch because there are a lot of ideas we’ve been waiting for people to take on.

These are some things we’re thinking about:

If you’re working on (or thinking of working on) something that touches these subjects, we’d love to hear from you. We’re also happy to hear from those who think we’re missing something.

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Here’s a list of companies and projects that we’ve started, incubated, invested in, partnered with, or advised:

Benja, the merchandise ad network. Benja works with top-tier brands to sell excess inventory across a number of experimental e-commerce channels.

benjaCoin, a crypto-token built to facilitate transactions between vendors and publishers on the Benja merchandise ad network., which allows users to generate and share high-quality, custom clips from their favorite movies.

TINY Cables, the best charging and syncing cable company in the world. Maybe. TINY sells 8″ cables, perfect for de-cluttering your workspace, for $8., a sports fan jersey e-retailer that offers the Player Trade Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Coloring Crypto, the podcast that sheds light on the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

ETHLend, which provides decentralized cryptocurrency lending services on the Ethereum network.

RetailCoins, which provides a common method of exchange for loyalty and reward programs in Europe. Earn points at one business, swap them for RetailCoins, and redeem at another.

Jomboy Corp., a media company which produces podcasts and video series like Talkin’ Yanks.