Art of the Initial Coin Offering

A blossoming technology lead to a boom for early-stage technology fundraising, a new method which is already out-pacing early venture funding: the Initial Coin Offer. Andrew J. Chapin shares lessons learned while executing an ICO for his adtech startup, from conceptualization to market, from explaining it to his parents to receiving a call from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The first book of its kind when it was initially released in October 2018, Art of the Initial Coin Offering offers a comprehensive account of a crypto-token launch.

Chapin brings a unique perspective, which is part playbook and part manifesto. While many ICOs have fundraised for napkin-stage ideas, Chapin ran one for a company generating seven-figures in annual revenue. While others worked to avoid the SEC, Chapin invited collaboration and joined the ICO Governance Foundation in an effort to create a set of standards and best practices.

Art of the Initial Coin Offering is now available on Amazon.